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2014 Seishincho Autumn Festival

It’s the time of the year when people here in Japan start to say goodbye to the summer heat and welcome the cool breeze of autumn. Although it is a bit early, Momiji (Japanese maple) leaves begin to change its color. Likewise, Ginko trees are getting brighter everyday.

Welcoming autumn is also something we look forward here in Edogawa especially me because of the annual autumn festival held in Seishincho Community Hall. Every year, different clubs and groups have their chance to show and share their works through exhibition and talent presentation. And since our Ikebana class is one of these groups, we were able to share our flower arrangements to our family, friends and the community.


Group photo of our Ikebana arrangements

This exhibition served as another milestone for me because my sensei gave me a challenge of choosing my own flowers and materials. With this, I was able to plan more of my design.


Out of the box: My arrangement using sunflowers, orchids, tomato eggplants, and purple peppers.

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My Second Ikebana Exhibition Experience

Last weekend our class participated in Seishincho Community Center’s Spring exhibition to encourage more people to join the various programs offered like painting, pottery, photography, dressmaking, green tea ceremony, and flower arrangement. The day was a bit ironic for the occasion. We are supposed to celebrate spring but outside were thick snow and heavy rain.


A view of the roads from our balcony

With our tools and umbrella, my friend and I headed to the community center by foot. Normally walking there from our home would only take 15-20 minutes but since the roads were covered with thick snow slowly melting due to heavy rain and strong wind, it took us more than 30 minutes. Luckily we still have enough time to prepare our exhibition space and make our arrangements before the opening of the event.

Walking on think snow heading to Seishincho Community Center

Walking on think snow heading to Seishincho Community Center

I was surprised that I was asked to do two arrangements. One is for the usual set of flowers to be displayed in our exhibition and other was for a centerpiece. I only found out that it was placed at the entrance of the community center building to welcome the guests when I saw the arrangement the following day I went to the center.


My exhibition arrangement


A rose arrangement placed at the entrance of the exhibition building to welcome the guests


Our Ikebana exhibition space

First few hours were a little quite due to the bad weather but later on people started to arrive. I admire the commitment of the Japanese people because despite all circumstances, they showed up and supported the event. Overall, the exhibition was a success. I met new people and my heart again jumped to the heavens when they complimented  my works.